audacity chains

"chains" in audacity allow you to batch process a directory of audio files

these 2 chains are used frequently for

1. stero to mono, normalize, export flac
to create this chain,
audacity file->edit chains->add
name the chain something descriptive like: stero to mono, normalize, export flac
now we edit the chain to do those functions with the button "insert".

2. export mp3
create this chain as described above.
When you are audio processing many short sutta files, this chain is handy.
You save (export) the final suttas to be released as .FLAC into a single directory. Then you apply this chain to all those FLAC files in that directory with audacity file->apply chain. Select the "mp3 export" chain, then hit the button "apply to files".

when "applying chain" to a directory of files, you can use the standard pc windows short cut keys such as "ctr-a" to highlight all the files, or using a combination of "ctrl left mouse button" and "shift left mouse button" to more carefully select particular files.