Zoom H2 portable digital recorder

Listen to mp3 samples of H2

 (3 music samples recorded with H2 here) from wingfieldaudio

5 musical instrument samples, and an internal microphone voice sample from wingfieldaudio

compare H2 internal mic and mic inputs w/external mics with more expensive brands from wingfieldaudio

librivox h2 samples

3 different poem readers @librivox reading same poem on H2 here

librivox mp3 device comparison samples

discussion of recording techniques and cleanup for said samples

samples from audio_tipitaka readers

frank k does his first recording with his new H2 vism.chap12 10min English audio

frank k does his second test , a 30 second sutta excerpt comparing noise cleaned to uncleaned version, standalone vs. usbmic mode.

In frank's third test, the zoom h2 goes head to head against the palm pre smartphone in a one minute deathmatch.


distorted sample

This poem has some distortion/echo :
I think it's a combination of the echo in the room (maybe hardwood floors and bare walls instead of carpet and foam covered walls of a recording studio), and possibly the stereo->mono conversion didn't happen until the mp3 was written, which can cause a slight unwanted echo.


Tips on recording with H2

 This thread "tips and wrinkles for H2" has tips for how to get recordings from the H2. This is a good comment from Carl:
"... you can record anything anywhere. It doesn't pick up background noises that it oughtn't to, the fidelity is great and it's very simple to operate.

I use it directly with my PC feeding into audacity or somewhere else in the house and then transfer to the PC. Either way makes no difference, although there are cheaper things on the market if you have no intention of recording away from your PC."

esther's comment useful: "I find it the easiest piece of equipment I've had. I just keep it real simple. I make sure it's recording in our specs except it's in stereo.

I have the mic gain at medium. recording level at 126. Everything else is just turned off. It is on an old mic stand off to my side about 10 inches from my mouth. The air blows past the front of the mic. Oh and I only record using the front mics. (No external mics for me.)

I record in my bedroom away from the noisy computer fan which means I need to print off anything I read or have the paper book.

I upload it to my computer as a wav file and open in audacity for editing.

I rarely need to amplify or noise clean it. "

My experience (frank k) with H2 so far is very similar. I'm very happy with it, I use it as a standalone, hold about 6 in. away, I have gain set on low (esther is on medium). I do noise cleanup in audacity, but it's pretty good just as it is after normalization.


How much is it?

It's hard to beat the price/performance of the H2 which you can get for about 147$ Zoom-H2-Portable-Stereo-Recorder. The H2 is very easy for amateurs to use, very forgiving. The mic can move around, you can be indoors, outdoors, and get great results.