frank's third test

 the zoom h2 goes head to head in a one minute battle against the palm pre smartphone

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an_2_i_5_unremitting_excerpt_palm_pre_normalized 793.5 KB
an_2_i_5_unremitting_excerpt_palm_pre_normalized_noise_cleaned 793.5 KB
an_2_i_5_unremitting_excerpt_zoom_h2_normalized 1.4 MB
an_2_i_5_unremitting_excerpt_zoom_h2_normalized_noise_cleaned 1.4 MB

 Two really good things I concluded from this test. The Palm pre voice recorder, and this probably applies to iphone, ipod touch and even later generations of ipod nano, produces a really nice usable recording. Good enough for audio-tipitaka's purposes. This means there should be plenty of people who have iphones (or equivlalents) who can visit Sri Lankan temples, record 5,10,15 minute samples of expert pali speakers on their device. They can then email it, or upload it directly to youtube and someone from audio-tipitaka can extract the audio, process it and add it to our collection. With iphones, android phones selling 15Million units every 3 months, there is no shortage of people with good audio recorders.

The second good thing is I didn't waste money buying the H2. I can hear how compared to the palm pre and iphones, it takes a lot of the harshness out of the sibilance "s" sounds.