franks second test

 using zoom h2.

mp3 files are here and direct links to the files:

s22_95_excerpt_normalized.mp3 2.6 MB
s22_95_excerpt_normalized_and_noise_cleaned.mp3 2.6 MB
s22_95_excerpt_normalized_usbmic_no_noise_clean.mp3 2.4 MB

The first 2 are using standalone mic, powered by ac adapter. In dining room with some echo, mic held about 6 inches away and above my mouth.

The first file has no noise cleaning, just the normalization to boost volume.
What's really impressive is that even with no noise removal, the sample is very usable and listenable.
The second one has noise cleaning in addition to normalizing. In doing so, it adds very slight distortion compared to the first sample
The third one I plugged in the H2 and used it as a usb microphone to a toshiba satellite with phenom 3core. It produces lots of noise, distortion, and even after normalization the volume is weak. So the tests I did with Shure SM57 mic were subject to the same problems. I suspect it's a combination of USB cable interference, laptop fan noise, and the USB cable not supplying enough power to the mic compared with it running standalone on batters or ac adapter.

I actually prefer the first version with the very slight noise over the 2nd version. Without noise cleanup, it captures a little more of the living human spectrum of warmth, breathing, page turning, etc.

all samples listened to in ipod type ear buds.

Sutta readings has a presumably nicer setup /recording equipment
reading the same sutta (6min):