Post New Podcast

For the sake of these instructions, a "post" and a "podcast" are the same thing. Our podcast works by including a link to the audio file in an ordinary Blogger blog post. No one will ever actually see the post. If you want to write a detailed description in the body of the post you can, but it is not necessary.

The principle with scheduling is that people like to get a regular stream of new recordings to listen to rather than ten one day and nothing for a month. If it looks like things are scheduled out too far in advance you can start scheduling new ones sooner between those that are already scheduled.

You must have Team Membership on the podcast blog to post something. Instructions how to get membership here. Then follow the instructions below.
  1. Sign in here with the account you use for Blogger. The podcast should appear on your dashboard page.
  2. Click on Edit Posts
  3. Look at the list of posts and see when the next scheduled post is(or was). Make a mental note of this because you are going to schedule your podcast to be five days after that.
  4. Select NEW POST button.
  5. At the bottom click on Post Options and select Schedule Post
  6. Remember when the last post was? Well put in a date five days after that. If the last post went live more than five days ago, then you can simply select the Automatic option.
  7. Put the text from the Title ID3 tag in the title field. Put the link to the recording file itself in the link field. [must be to the .mp3 file]
  8. Copy the announcement text from the homepage What's New list. For example:
  9. Add the summary from the sutta index page below that.
  10. Clean up any of the automatic information that was included in the post body.
  11. Then click on Publish Post.
  12. Your done! It's a good idea to check the feed
    to see if your post made it in. It may take feed burner as much as a half an hour to register the post, so be patient.
B Kh,
Mar 30, 2011, 1:21 PM
B Kh,
Mar 30, 2011, 1:14 PM