BC notices new recording was uploaded to WIP...

BC Adoption Process for New Recordings

When a reader uploads a new sutta recording to the main wip.audtip.com files section, and puts out a request for a PL on the  audtip_pl Google Group, any BC or MC can  adopt that sutta, i.e. see it through to release.

  1. Having seen the PL announcement on the  audtip_pl Google Group, subscribe to updates for that thread if you are not subscribed already.
  2. Post a message to that thread with your BC code in the body of the message. e,g. "BCfrn will coordinate this recording" This will give people your e-mail address if they need to contact you off list.
  3. Find the file in the wip.audtip.com files section. The list is sorted by file name, which should start with the citation. If the list is long, you can use your browser's search feature(ctrl+f) to find the citation on the page. Do not search for the whole file name.
  4. Add your BC code into the comment section. e.g. "BCfrn". You will need to be signed in to the page to do this. After signing in, simply click on the comment area and a text entry box will appear.
After adopting the sutta, follow the thread in the audtip_pl Google Group so you know when the file has passed PL