BC prepares sutta for release

  1. find the discussion thread associated with the sutta in audtip pl discussion forum,
  2. reply to that thread, changing the title by prepending this message "thread CLOSED. sutta ready for release! ". optional: in body of message, you can add any closing comments, such as "Congratulations everyone! Well done! another audio sutta passed PL, and will soon be fully released into nibbana with remainder for the benefit of the world! Watch for it on audtip.com." 
  3. It may need a manager access on audtip pl discussion forum to physically close the thread that disallows replies to the thread. It's done from the "options" near the top of the thread page of the highlighted subject. select "close thread", and click on "save".  If you're not able to close a thread, please contact an MC to give you access. 
  4. don't delete WIP audio file yet, but you can change the file description in the uploads directory to indicate the file is no longer needing PL, is in the ready for release waiting for MC to claim it, so later on it's easy to see and delete for the MC.