FC validates release

ideally we have an FC on staff to validate every released sutta. If not, then we rely on public to report errata on our audtip discussion forums

things an FC can do to validate released sutta.

  1. The new sutta should be on a nikaya superlist
  2. should have a descriptive index webpage
  3. the download link should work from superlist and descriptive webpage.
  4. sutta numbers, titles, filename, id3 tag check
  5. then the FC knows, "it is released."
  6. FC can sign and date their validation seal in the tiny text of the sutta descriptive subpage on audtip.com. Contact an MC if you're not sure how to do it.
  7. Anyone in the public, you don't have to be an offical FC, is welcome to double check that the release version of the mp3's have correct ID3 tags, working links to both the file housed in the /files subdir to that sutta index page, as well as the backup copy on archive.org. If you find a problem with the released version of a sutta, please let us know in the general discussion form: info about audtip discussion forums