MC completes release process

The steps for MC to complete release process

  1. Create descriptive sutta index page if it doesn't already exist, Make a descriptive Sutta index page in following the hierarchy of the tipitaka and nikaya
  2. Or add a descriptive entry to existing index page by consulting the template
    and just cut and paste what you need from that, studying the checklist to understand what you need to change, and paste it to the existing sutta index page.
  3. Perform the steps from the above template checklist such as add sutta audiofile to proper subpage files dir.
  4. Add to superlist: add audio file entry and links to nikaya superlist
  5. Download to double check: optional: download the released version of the audio file, listen to a few seconds of it, the intro should announce sutta number and title, just to confirm that file copied over.
  6. Delete the work in progress copy of sutta audio in
  7. Put a copy on (right now only mc_frank has account for audio tipitaka specific archives) 
  8. Complete the Publicize checklist