Put a copy on Archive.org

finished recordings

if a new volume is needed, here is how to create one.
Example for creating an archive.org page:

audio tipitaka: audtip.org 2012-01 volume-003

1. login archive.org. (An MC will know the account and password)
2. on upper right hand corner there is an "upload" button. select it.
3. select "share" button on right hand corner.
4. for large files, it may be good to upload just one at a time, updating the page at archive.org with the change before adding new files. just in case something goes wrong you won't have to reload for example 300MB of files that failed the first try.
5. for simplicity, you can just cut and paste

audio tipitaka: audtip.org 2012-01 volume-003

and put it in the title field, tags field, and that third required field.

6. to add more files, go to the page you created, and on the upper left hand navigation panel there is an "edit item" option. select it.

also see page
for a list of our existing pages

7. "2012" is the year, "01" represents january. New volumes added would be "volume-002", volume-003, etc.

on the id3 tag creation,
in the comment tag, should include at the end:

archive.org:[audtip.org 2011-07 volume-001]
(with the proper year, month, volume #)