Make a descriptive Sutta index page in

Easiest way to learn is by example

First, the easiest way to see how the tipitaka is structured on and where the sutta index subpages go and how the subdirs are named, we'll look at an example from each nikaya that conforms to spec.

example with MN 

example with SN 

(examples of DN, AN, KN conforming to spec will be added later)
They are identical with MN example except may need to create 1 or more subdirectories to reach destination point of the tipitaka tree where sutta resides. Use template "sutta collection" for creating subdirs. The key is when you create the subdirs, don't use "top level", have them "underneath <current dir>" just like with sutta entry page. The key is at creation time, use the proper short filename conforming to our filename spec, then after the page is created and you're editing it, then replace the header of the page with a rich descriptive heading.

What to do if sutta already has index page

If that sutta already has a descriptive index entry page, such as  "mn001" does, and suppose you wanted to add another audio entry, then what do you do?

In that case, just study the "sutta entry index " template located here:
and Just cut and paste what you need from that, studying the checklist to understand what you need to change, and paste it to the existing sutta index page.

create Files subdir

When the sutta index page is created, then create a file cabinet webpage underneath it (if index page and file cabinet is not already existing). To do that, when you create the webpage, select the a"underneath", not "top level", and choose the "file cabinet" template instead of teh default "webpage". The directory should be named "files" all lowercase.

All languages, chants, etc, will go in that one directory.

create language subdirs when too many suttas

If there are too many files for that sutta, then it's time to create language subdirectories to segregate languages. Since all files of all lnaguage reside in teh same "files" directory, no danger of superlist download links breaking here.

next step

For the next step after this process, back up one level on the bread crumb trail (trace of hyperlinks at top of page)