example with SN

Real live example with SN 54.008

I got to this page, see if SN 54 is already there. It's not. So let's make on.
Make sure you're signed in to page. then "+create page" near top right.
Select "sutta collection" as the template.
name the subdir "sn54" (follow filename conventions)
then select "put page under "SN: Samyutta.." rather than default "top level"
push "create page button", which will create and open the new page to edit.
On this new page, rename SN54 to the more descriptive version.
Grab the pali name from sutta central. / .A. / .D. / .K. / .M. / .S. / suttacentral  
which is Ānāpāna Saṃyutta
paste that on the heading (which currently is "sn54") and pretty it up.
Add english translation of pali term in parenthesis, so we end up with:
SN 54:  Ānāpāna Saṃyutta (In and Out breathing)
click inside the sutta central link for SN54 and see how many suttas are in sn54, then add that to the description of the sn54 page.
Delete comments and help links and the description now says:
20 suttas in this collection.  Save it, and we're done.

Now we're ready to create the sutta index page for sn54.008

(if it doesn't already exist. If it already exists, then we would add to it carefully by following instructions on the wiki <insert wiki page link here>)
"+ create new page", this time using "sutta index entry" template.
"put page under SN 54..."
and name it "sn54.008" (almost identical to our filename convention)
then push the "create page" button.

change the sn54.008 to the specifications in the template instructions. You can grab it from the ID3 title track tag of the audio file and paste it in.
But change the pali title to be unicode with diacritics. You can grab the title from the sutta central link .

The sutta entry template has a checklist with instructions on how to fill it out. Fill it out, save the page, and we're done.