Add to Nikaya Super List

 It might be easiest to just look at the examples from those already on the lists, but here are the specs.

Nikaya super lists refer to the lists that you get to by clicking on the links to each nikaya in the left column.

There is only one list for the KN

Handy tip: for the "Nikaya + Sutta#" "pali title" and "English title" you can just paste in the data from the Title ID3 tag and then delete what is not needed. This will ensure you have the proper format for the citation.


Nikaya + sutta #

Web Address: This is the link to the sutta page on You get this easily by clicking on "or, select existing page" and then selecting "My Recent Changes". If you just added the sutta, it should be at the top of the list.
Display Text: This is just the letter abreviation and the number part, including an "x" if it is an excerpt. If there is a [bracketed] citation include that. ( You can just copy and paste from the beginning of ID3 Title tag )

pali title

This is the title as found in the ID3 tag.


Web Address: This is the link to the .mp3 file.
Display Text:  this text should be the file size in the form of "###.# MB"


This should be in the form "###.##". For recordings over 60 minutes, continue to just put minutes, e.g. 075.00 instead of 1.15.00

english title

Should be the same as the ID3 title tag, English part.


Just use the code from the file name, all lowercase


Just use the 4-character translator code from the file name, all lowercase

read by

Use the last three letters of the code from the file name, that is, remove the "rdr" part, all lowercase.

date + comment

This is the date it was recorded. Format should be YYYY/MM , followed by a comment in rare cases where that is necessary to differentiate from other files that are nearly identical. Make sure the date goes first so it is still sortable.