MC or BC can do prep work to make release quicker

This is a time saving trick that an MC or BC can do to make things go faster, especially if the MC, BC, reader are all the same person they can enter all the database information in ahead of the PL and release.

The trick is to do the steps in to the extent you're able to,  Make a descriptive Sutta index page in , a step that usually happens after PL and ready for release.

Then move that page into a temporary place out of the public eye to avoid a "under construction" unfinished look that we want to avoid for The temporary hiding place is here:

After the audio is actually ready to be released, then you move it out of that temporary hiding spot into the proper location in the tipitaka tree, finish filling out the data, and complete the release.

The reason this is a time saving trick is all the fact checking data about the sutta is fresh on your mind. Whereas if an MC is releasing someone else's work, they have to do some extra fact checking, and navigate the tipitaka structure, etc.