Publicize release of new sutta


Required Steps

  1. Add to the list of what's new on homepage.  You can simply cut and paste the entry from the sutta index page. Be sure to make the recording title into a link back to this index page.
  2. Schedule New Podcast by means of creating a "blog" post. Here are alternate footer messages to use in the post. 

optional extras

  • There can be a 30min delay for feedburner, so to make it effective immediately click this link ping audtipenglish 
  •  ping audtip announce to get immediate update propogated to twitter and facebook (facebook uses twit app to get tweets, so may be a minute or two delay to hit facebook)
this is a free program to catch podcasts. Itunes is another.

needs fixing ASAP

feedburner is now updating twitter for the new blog "audtip announcements", but not yet fixed for our podcast blog "audtip english releases"

ideas to help publicize

We could register the podcast with some indexing services. We could even put it in the iTunes store. I've done that for the Bhavana and Tisarana podcasts.

I also thought that once a month on the podcast we could send out a message requesting volunteers. But that is only going to be effective once we have people subscribed.

Do you listen to the Buddhist Geeks podcast? I wonder if they would give us a plug. The audience might have a higher degree of our targeted volunteer needs right now.


creating feedburner feed (if current feed becomes corrupt, or disappears, here's how to make a new one)