footer message

why have a footer?

Unlike librivox, we don't embed audio for "this sutta was recorded for" at the beginning or end of the audio file. We need to build awareness of the brand by other means so future volunteers know where to go. Blog posts, announcements, should use one of these footers.

footer suggestions 
(is a link to this page)

whys is footer in blog->settings->form instead of blog->settings->sitefeed->post-footer?

The latter only shows up in feedburner page, and not on each blog post itself, which we want visible for facebook and twitter visitors linked to the blog post.

standard footers  -
Give your eyes a rest. Listen to a sutta at Audio Tipitaka
Listening to a Sutta a day keeps Mara away.
Listen to the Buddha at Audio Tipitaka
Listen to the Suttas at Audio Tipitaka

occasional footers asking for volunteers  -
Ask not what the Dhamma can do for you. Ask what you can do for the Dhamma. Get Involved Now
Want to volunteer? Get Involved Now
Recording Suttas is easy. All you need is a 20$ microphone, and a little practice.
Have a few minutes to spare? Help proof listen a sutta. It's easier than you think.