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download to your local pc for local browsing

this tool only works if you have edit (maybe owner req.) privileges of that googlesite
host =
domain =
webspace = audio-tipitaka

frank_k: tested out today and it works

a free general purpose local website copy tool

sync'ing your audio_tipitaka files on PC to portable mp3 player

Since audio_tipitaka will eventually have suttas numbering from hundreds to thousands, it's handy to have a system to sync new files from your pc to the mp3 player.

windows pc to mp3 player

On my windows 7 pc, syncing to a palm pre device (which appears just like a thumb drive), I found a nice perl script that works great. This system probably works very well also for linux pc's.

It recursively copies over the tree file structure of audio_tipitaka on the pc to the mp3 player. You should set the flag for "foward" if you only want changes reflected in one direction pc->mp3 player.

1. perl needs to be installed
2. start a "cmd" dos prompt
3. cd desktop
4. from cmd prompt:  C:\Users\mypeecee\Desktop> perl -syncmode fwdonly audio_tipitaka   e:\audio_tipitaka

where "e:" is my palm drive, and the "-syncmode fwdonly" flag is optional and only syncs in one direction, from pc to mp3 player, not the other direction. Without the flag, it will sync both directions.

By default, the script will won't start copying - it will build a script and let you preview all the commands it wants to do to sync, giving you a chance to edit before you run the sync.

One caveat was that if you already have an existing populated mp3 player audio_tipitaka tree file structure that was copied over not with the tree-sync perl script, it may fail to work because the file date comparison is not able to read properly. So I had to create a new audio-tipitaka tree on the mp3 player and remove the old one.

Good tool for proof listening

Free software (non-professional transcriber version won't support foot pedals) that is useful for aiding in proof listening (rewinding, playback) to allow proof listener to type notes.

lossless compression, makes file be about half the size of a ".WAV" file, but need to find a media player for it

PDF Exchange Viewer: a better pdf viewer, support line by line scrolling maybe
free version