Readers adding their info to profiles

New Readers, please contact an MC or BC and ask them to perform these steps to add a reader profile page for you.
  1. Go to this page:
  2. Create a new page, choose the "one of the readers template" instead of the default "web page".
  3. Choose the option:  Put page under The Team: Readers, Proof listeners, etc.
  4. Edit that template with your unique info, then save. You should then be listed in the profiles on

Whenever you are working on a work-in-progress, or the final release page, you can use the hyperlink from the new page you created so the public can easily get to your bio page.

I.e. instead of using "Frank K", I would always copy and paste the link frank_k instead.

A link to "the team" has been added to the navigation column on the main (left column of every page), so you can easily get to the page you just created to retrieve your name link and recall what your rdr<...> abbreviation is.