3. file naming conventions + ID3 tags

Rules applying to entire File Name

  • all lowercase: reason is once the repository has thousands of files, it's easy to lose track of things if there are differences such as "MN052" vs. "Mn052" vs. "mn052".
  • no spaces in filename: instead of spaces, use "-" single hyphen as connectors. Reason is it makes admin code/scripts harder to maintain and uglier to support spaces in filenames.

components of the file name (assembled from left to right)

{sutta abbreviation and number}-{short pali title of sutta, omitting suffix of suttam}-{Language}-{translator/Pali edition}-{Reader code}.mp3

Sutta Abbreviation and Numbering

  • Use the LETTER abbreviations that are found below.
  • Use the number found in the FIRST COLUMN in the charts at SuttaCentral.net. If there are two sets of numbers in the first column, use only the FIRST set. 
  • Remember to use lower case and replace all spaces and periods with dashes.
  • NOTE: There are different rules for the ID3 Title tag.

Collection - PaliAbbreviation Example
Dīgha Nikāyadn dn01
Majjhima Nikāyamn mn001
Saṃyutta Nikāyasn sn01-001
Aṅguttara Nikāyaan an01-0001

AbbreviationSubdivision Example
kn-khp Khuddakapāṭha 
kn-dhp Dhammapada 
kn-ud Udāna 
kn-iti Itivuttaka 
kn-snp Sutta Nipāta kn-snp1-03 
kn-vv Vimānavatthu 
kn-pv Petavatthu 
kn-thag Theragāthā kn-thag12-0620-0631
kn-thig Therīgāthā 
kn-ja Jātaka 
kn-nidd Niddesa 
kn-patis Paṭisambhidāmagga 
kn-ap Apadāna
kn-bv Buddhavaṃsa 
kn-cp Cariyāpi 

pad sutta numbers with proper # of zeroes so that file list will sort properly in file cabinet view. Always pad to three places on the individual sutta for sn and an (e.g. sn01.001 even though there are not 100 suttas in sn01)

Use the simple numbering scheme for the suttas rather than the traditional longer roman numeral scheme.

Digha Nikaya: range dn01 to dn34
Majjhima Nikaya:  range mn001 to mn152
Samyutta Nikaya: range sn01-001" to sn56-131
Anguttara Nikaya: range an01-0001" to "an11-1151
Theragāthā: range kn-thag01-0001 to kn-thag21-1279
Itivuttaka: range kn-it1-001 to kn-it4-112

(to be continued...)

Note about sutta numbering discrepancies

more than one sutta in a file (rare occurrence)

Some suttas are so short than the translator bundled several contiguous suttas into one document. Here is an example:
example: an05-0254-to-0259-macchariya-eng-than-rdrfrn.mp3
Here suttas 254 through 259 were bundled into one text document, and read/recorded that way.
The word "to" was used, rather than another hyphen to denote a continuation to prevent an ambiguous interpretation such as  "an05-0254-0259" (we are already using hyphens in filenames to substitute for spaces and periods).

Pali Name of the sutta

  • Use the name found in the SECOND COLUMN in the charts at SuttaCentral.net. If there are two names, use only the FIRST name.
  • Remember to use lower case and replace all spaces and periods with dashes.
  • NOTE: There are different rules for the ID3 Title tag.

Special exception on rare occasions: English word following Pali

In situations such as the SN and AN where there can be hundreds or thousands of suttas in a section, it's ok to add an English word following the pali word to help distinguish important suttas. But in most cases we want to stick with pali title only.

Language Abbreviation

eng English
pli Pali
chi Chinese(Mandarin)
spa Spanish   
bur Burmese

Use ISO 639-2 Code (B) from this page for other languages (add to the list above when used for the first time)

Translator/Pali Edition Abbreviation

Take translator codes from http://www.accesstoinsight.org/tech/file.html#transcodes
Pali editions will be three characters, new translator codes will be four to match those from Access to Insight. When using a translator for the first time, add code to this list.

bodhBodhi, Bhikkhu translator
 bjtBuddha Jayanti Tipitaka
 fliptFLIPT: Fast Learning Intuitive Pali Translation
 irldIreland, John D. translator
nypoNyanaponika, Bhikkhu translator
nymoÑāṇamoli, Bhikkhu translator
ntbbÑāṇamoli, Bhikkhu; Bodhi, Bhikkhu translators
thanThanissaro, Ajahn translator
tanpTan, Piya translator
piyaPiyadassi, Bhikkhu translator
ptsPali Text Society
rhycRhys Davids, C.A.F. translator
 suj Sujato, Bhikkhu translator
vriVipasana Research Institute (includes DPR)

wlshWalshe, Maurice O'Connell translator
 upla Upalavanna, Sister translator
 tibl Tipitaka In Burmese Language 

Reader Abbreviation

Reader abbreviations shall begin with "rdr" and have an additional unique three letter code for each reader. Readers should create their own reader page at https://sites.google.com/a/audtip.org/audio-tipitaka/the-team. For material found on the internet use codes below, adding new ones when necessary. Readers wishing to remain anonymous may use rdrano.

rdrano anonymous
rdrunk unknown
rdrnya Bhikkhu Nyanananda
rdrgna Bhikkhu Kiribathgodha Gnanananda

File Name Examples 

Excerpt a sutta

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