failed id3 tag "comments"

update 3/10/2011: I think I figured out what was causing problems with the comment field in the ID3 getting deleted after exporting from audacity. Whenever audacity exports, it doesn't seem to save the comment no matter what the comment string actually is. Before I thought maybe it didn't like special characters, or the length of a string might be too long, now I think it just plain doesn't work, and is a bug in this version of audacity. So the workaround is to change the ID3 commnent field with widnows file explorer (right mouse button on file, properties -> details -> comment ).

The really annoying thing is we have to remember to fix the comment field everything we reload it and export through audacity

note from frank:  These are "comment" tags that weren't working for one reason or another.
I was able to paste it into audacity, but once it saved, and I looked at it in windows file explorer, the comment field was empty.

ID3 "comment" field

if translator is Thanissaro

cut and paste this block of text into the ID3 comment field.

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proposal for shorter version we're considering:
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