proposals to file name conventions

(I'm moving a conversation in email to group discussion here so the ideas don't get lost in my email archives) - Frank

Bkh wrote:

I think it is better to use periods than underscores for the reason that Johh B indicates in his conventions.

I would recommend adopting the A2I translator abbreviations. I also think we should have a set list of reader abbreviations too. Is that getting too fussy? Is it even possible? As long as the reader code came last in the file name it wouldn't matter so much. Perhaps they could all start with "spk" and only be three additional characters.

I would recommend three letter language abbreviations from this source:
The languages most likely to be used should be written into the wiki with the link as reference.

I like John B's system for excerpts and series and think it would work well for what we are doing. It helps with sorting correctly. I think "complete" is just the default characteristic.

I think optional things at the end should be discouraged. The sample length is indicated already in the device or computer. Or perhaps I am not seeing the intention behind this.

Also, I think that if at all possible, tracks should be split by natural divisions when absolutely necessary and then this would get handled with the regular numbering system. John B's system has a section level division for the DN which is were it would be most essential. Cases of x of x, I think, should be avoided. If a file is too long for the google page hosting, perhaps it could just go on until the limit changes.

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