Here is what [one Pali expert] would consider a very good pronunciation of the Karaniya Sutta. It is not exactly read, but comes very close to someone reading the text. The sounds are clearly pronounced and in a typical Indian/Sri Lankan fashion:

In the following sites you can listen to Paritta chantings and Dhamma pada chantings by Most Venerable Nauyane Ariyadhamma Thero  from Sri Lanka. (They have the Sri Lankan pronounciation)

Dhamma talks in Mandarin

have not yet looked at what's in

Pāḷi chanting

Ven. U. Silananda (Burmese style Pali chant)
chants include english translation between every few lines

2 year old boy spontaneously chanting Pali in the style of 6th century monk

A very interesting alternative is Dhammaruwan's style of chanting.
(inside that page there is a link to mp3 audio of the boy chanting)
Dhammaruwan chanting Metta as an adult, while at IMS

Bhante Silagavesi

Also forest monks tend to avoid any singing style, an example for which would be Bhante Silagavesi's chanting

Tipitaka text
they have complete Digha and Majjhima Nikaya English translations, wiki-sourced. Authors unknown.