palm pre

what is it?

Palm pre is a smartphone similar to iphone/ipod touch.

test 4: movie maker, emailed to self -> mp3

test files are in this archive

Using the palm pre movie camera mode, I made this move (with the intent to only salvage the audio), then directly from the movie maker on the phone, I emailed it to myself (you can also upload directly to youtube). In this test, I'm reading a few sentences from Pali Primer.

palmpre_test4_raw.mp4 3.1 MB

palmpre_test4_normalized.mp3 731.5 KB
palmpre_test4_normalized_lopassfilter.mp3 731.5 KB
palmpre_test4_normalized_lopassfilter_noisecleaned.mp3 731.5 KB
palmpre_test4_normalized_noisecleaned.mp3 731.5 KB

Using the free open software program audacity to process to extract the audio and clean it up a little:
The normalization feature boosts the sound volume to "normal", so mid level settings on the speaker volume should be comfortable, not too loud or too quiet.
The lopassfilter option versions get rid of sibilance (the harsh and loud "s" sounds). Unfortuneately it distorts or loses some of the original voice.

The noise cleaned versions give you complete silence between words, but the tradeoff is distortion.

I prefer the plain normalized version, which has a little background hiss (tolerable), but retains good voice fidelity.

The iphone, and I imagine the android and blackberry phones should all yield very similar results to the palm pre, as they all utilize similar if not the same pinhole speaker phone microphones made in China.