recommended models

 This is by no means a comprehensive list. These just happen to be microphones that audio tipitaka readers have verified to be good devices for our purposes of reading suttas.

Our new favorite microphone is the 20$
logitech AK5370 USB desktop mic

Zoom H2 recorder is our top choice in the portable category. about 150$.

  palm pre, Iphone, ipod touch, later generations of ipod nano with high enough sampling rate. In frank's test (with mp3 samples to listen to), the zoom h2 goes head to head against the palm pre smartphone in a one minute deathmatch.

for the palm pre, as of 1/2011, it doesn't have a voice recorder/memo built in app, nor one to purchase, I use it as a recorder by going into the camera movie mode, imported the movie mp4 file into audacity (after installing this audacity plugin  library which extracts audio from the movie file), then it's business as usual with normal audio processing.