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Accent falls on which syllable?

An explanation from  german pali grammar book

A general guideline:  Robert's 3 rules

Tricky areas of pronunciation

such as double consonants, difference between dental and retroflex, etc

explantion by Bhante Sobhana

Bhikkhu Bodhi's audio lesson in Pali , I believe in the last 5 minutes of either lecture 1 or lecture 2 from lesson 1 he spends about one minute giving a general rule involving double consonants and long vowels. 

How different countries pronounce Pali

 pronunciation differences between different Theravadan countries, which led to the creation of this website

discussion thread

tongue placement

A is farthest back in the throat,

i is at the top of the palate and

u is in the lips.

E is is the coming together of a and i;

o is the coming together of i and u.


difference between   ṁ and ṃ

Anandajoti's pronunciation guide: