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  Pali Audio tools

A short verse in Pali in text and an mp3 audio file chanting the verse emailed to you every day. Great educational tool!

web: Bhikkhu Bodhi full audio course Pali , most audio lessons here have “recital readings”, in which B.Bodhi recites pali sentences (which are all sutta excerpts) from the Gair/Karunatillake text book slowly, clearly. This is an invaluable resource for pali students trying to hear and distinguish what can be very subtle differences between pali letters.
web: 30 common pali words
pali audio speech tool: speech
offline audio download: has hundreds of Pali word audio files.
Audio dictionary: . This is a great idea and an excellent resource, but one big caveat: the pronunciation of Thai monks speaking Pali can be difficult for native English speakers to understand (when distinguishing several pali alphabet letters), due to the lack of certain phonetic sounds used in the native Thai language.
pali.nibbanam has some great tools, lessons, audio samples, books, resources, links.   

pali pronunciation workshop in 2011: