Future Feature Wish List


pāḷi dictionary with audio

ideally similar to
note that mdbg also has wiki editing features built in. If you don't like the definition of the word, you can immediately go correct it, add more definitions, etc. They're using synthesized audio for the speech. This is easy to do for chinese, since each character is one syllable, with 4 possible tones. So there's a small finite set of audio files to record.

For pali, one way we could look into using wikipedia itself, although I'm skeptical and leery of all the battles that can happen when there are differences of opinion on a defintion.

A quick easy way

would be to set up a sister site to audio_tipitaka (so google internal site searches will work well on a separate site), audio samples could be slowly built up from extracted words from audio suttas as people have time and feel motivated to add. In addition to text definitions, there would be links to PED, CPD, etc.

synchronized audio and text (like karaoke)

future features wishlist: synchronized audio + pali text (think karaoke) so one could use an ipod to listen and read pali text at the same time, resume later and have text automatically synced to the audio.    librivox thread   LRC

local webiste download

a way to download the entire audio_tipitaka onto your local pc


figure out which playlist format is the most universal, have ways of editing and searching out the proper mp3s to download from audiotipitaka to fill out the playlist